Can I pay by Credit / Debit Card?

Yes. From the checkout screen you click the ‘Make Payment‘ button at the bottom of the page.  This brings you to the PayPal website where you can either:

  • log into your PayPal account and pay for your purchased
  • pay for your purchases using a credit / debit card

Why does PayPal not accept my Credit Card?

If your credit card is valid and you have not overstretched you limit the reason why your credit card may not be accepted by PayPal is because you may already have it registered with a PayPal account.

PayPal security measures do not allow you to use a credit card that has been assigned to a PayPal account and therefor you must log into your PayPal account in order to complete your purchase.

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The 14 Day Manicure Team

26 comments on “Help

  1. Sophie on

    Hi I’ve just purchased the 14 day starter kit through Groupon as it looks like a great product. Is it possible for me to swap any of the colours stated or they do they come as a set?
    Also, is it possible to order more remover when it runs out as I can’t see it under products?

    • Suzanne on

      Yes you can contact me to order on 00353 860846198. They will be available to order on my website withing the next few weeks. You will also be able to replace the bulbs from my website shortly. Unfortunately I can’t swap the colours under this offer but you can purchase additional colours from our website for £15. thanks, Suzanne

    • Suzanne on

      Hi Sophie,
      Unfortunately on this offer its just the colours that are in the box-set but if you’d like to order additional colours I will be running an offer for anyone that’s bought the boxset within the next two weeks. thanks, Suzanne

  2. Rosie Sparks on

    Dear Suzanne

    I have shellac nails done and I believe this is the same thing, can you please confirm this? I would like to purchase this on Groupon so would like to know before the offer ends. Many thanks Rosie

    • Suzanne on

      This is 14 Day Manicure not Shellac. It works in the same way as in it lasts for 2 weeks and you cure under the lamp for 2 mins. Its a UV Hybrid Gel Polish. thanks, suzanne

  3. Rosie Sparks on

    Many thanks Suzanne. With the Shellac you can just peel it off if you need to you don’t need to use the remover and wait 10 minutes. Is this the same with the 14 day manicure?

  4. Amanda Mayo on

    hi if i buy the starter the kit from groupon would you be able to buy the remover after it runs out and additional colours?

  5. Suzanne on

    Hi Rosie, You shoudn’t peel you polish off as it will damage your nail. Your best to soak in Acetone for 10 mins and it will crumble off with the help of an orangewood stick.

  6. nicola harding on

    I am worried about using groupon I haven’t used it before Can I purchase your starter kit through you tomorrow for the same price many thanks regards Nicola.

  7. Jenny on

    Hi I bought the french polish starter kit from Groupon. I was wondering if it all went through ok because it just said 14 day manicure starter kit and also I didn’t receive a confirmation email!! Just panicking a little in case something has gone wrong!! I def purchased the french polish groupon voucher and still have that. I’d be really grateful if someone could put my mind at ease!!
    Thanks J 🙂

  8. kate on

    I purchased the groupon deal yesterday and have recieved my voucher but when i try to redeem it i get the following message from “deal is not available for redemption” is there a problem with the redeemit website? i’ve double checked i put all the information in correctly.

  9. Jemma Hardie on

    Hiya, Im just about to order this product off Groupon. How long will delivery take?

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Jennie on

    Hi I placed an order with you for a starter kit on 5 January 2013 and have recieved an email acknowledging my order I just wondered how long it would take to be delivered? I also emailed you through my colours selection and put it on the order notes I just wondered if this had been recieved?


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